Three application research through the brand-new terahertz technique

a)Depends on the different terahertz wave penetration to conducting materials, it would help the drilling-bone surgery
b)Capturing tiny particles or cells by DEP technique and combining with terahertz technique to differentiate cells
c)Strengthen terahertz wave amplitude through the metamaterial which helps to observe the characteristic of fluid or cells, we’re trying to manufacture widly-used biomedical chip

The terahertz generator produces terahertz wave through lens. If there’s reflective terahertz wave in position 2, it would be detected by Tera-1024, which may generate terahertz wave strength image.



Polyscanner FL-7 is a reflective time-domain system, which generates terahertz wave from above. We put one conducting material layer below the microfluidic chip, so Polyscanner FL-7 detector can receive the terahertz wave.


Terahertz(THz) gap is the range of frequency between Infrared and Microwaves, while it performs high penetration and shows non-invasive property, in addition, it combines with metamaterials that reaches high sensitivity to biomolecule. However, it is necessary to apply microfluidics system for solving the problem of THz having strong absorption in water, besides, the volume of sample may be reduced to about μL amount. The research focuses on the detection of troponin(cTnI) in such a biosensor combined with microfluidics system and metamaterials.