EWOD structure_software

a) Use LabView program to control PXI-6512 which controls the relays on the relay board
b)The function generator and power amplifier provide the signal electric to the relay board.

Relay board is able to deliver the current and signal electrical to the clamp and EWOD chip.

Combined microscope and Image capture system to observe experiment  instantly.

EWOD System

Dropbot Model:DB3-120
an integrated high-voltage source (140 Vrms @ 100 Hz–10 kHz)
120 independent channels
dynamic impedance sensing (i.e., droplet position and velocity)
A next generation tools to automate and miniaturize biology and chemistry. Dropbot platform follows digital microfluidics principle to transform lab experiments into software instructions that can be optimized, shared to the cloud, and replicated with perfect fidelity. A Webcam with holder is used for experiencing a finite view on monitor screen.