Collection of Genomic Information by analysing the cell free fetal DNA (cff-DNA) from embryo extracted using Electro-wetting on Dielectric (EWOD) System
Electro Wetting on Dielectric (EWOD) has become the most promising tool for the manipulation of liquid droplets on a hydrophobic surface and hence evolved as a versatile tool in Lab-on-a-chip applications. EWOD system is used for the extraction of cell free fetal DNA (cff-DNA) from Embryo. Dropbot (Model DB3-120) is selected as the EWOD system. The bio-buffers used for the extraction of DNA from blood has been manipulated in specific ratio, for generation, mixing and transported in specific path and protocol for the cf-DNA extraction. The percentage of cf-DNA extracted has been calculated using q-PCR (Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction) method will given out for genomic studies by Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

(DMF(digital microfluidic)is a good way to improve the traditional DNA extraction way due to its high flexibility and low reagent consumption qualities. We try to design instant medical biomedical chip. Using the result to do qPCR. Compare with the NGS(next generation gene sequence), we hope to make cheaper and higher sensitive biomedical chip. )